Looking for a way to attract the beautiful Evening Grosbeak?


Looking for a way how to attract the beautiful Evening Grosbeaks? Here are few simple steps in bringing these joys of nature up close and personal.

  • Make the area as natural to evening grosbeaks by giving it what it really likes. Use a location inside or on the outskirts of a forest in the Northeastern portion of the United States.
  • Use sunflower seeds, removed from the flower, throughout your yard or nature area. Position the seeds far enough away from any heavily used human areas so as not to disturb the birds while they eat. We recommend you start doing this 1-2 weeks before you could even expect to see one.
  • Install bird feeders around the area to further attract the birds. Use a general wild bird seed mix, plus add extra sunflower seeds, to the food. Did we say sunflowers again? Evening grosbeaks love to eat sunflower seeds, so throw plenty of the seeds out there.
  • Hang suet around the area as an additional way of attracting these birds. Add some additional foods such as safflower and or maple seeds for a scrumptious feast for them.
  • Keep bird feeders, feeding tubes and platform feeders filled with ample amounts of sunflowers! Once the Evening Grosbeaks figure out your area is filled with beak delicious morsels, many will flock to your area and be happy and loyal customers. That is until you run out of sunflower seeds. We said sunflower seeds again… go get some!

Happy Birding!

Evening Grosbeak tips to attract

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