Looking for Decorative Gifts for Non-Birders?

Christmas shopping for birdersLooking for Decorative Gifts for Non-Birders

Many birders share their backyard with non-birders, people who enjoy the birds but who are not so keen on feeding them and maintaining housing for them.

Fortunately there is an abundance of great backyard gift ideas for non-birders.  Examples of items that can enhance the backyard or porch include a wide range of windchimes, flags, bird housesdecorative bird baths and interesting novelty items such as bat houses and squirrel feeders.

A windchime placed in a breezy part of the backyard will provide a pleasant sound that will inspire or calm the listener.  Made of a wide variety of materials, the windchimes can make a bubbling tinkling sound or a series of deep resonant booms.  Chimes comprise bells, gongs and most commonly hanging tubes and they can be large or small.

Flags also remind us that the air is in constant motion.  Flags depicting colorful natural images will enhance a backyard, particularly during the drab winter months.

Bird baths are a common sculpture enjoyed by most gardeners and they have the added advantage of being functional.

Accommodating to the needs of creatures other than birds can be fun and rewarding.  The bat houses provide ideal shelter for the bats during the day.  The bats themselves will stay busy all night feeding on pesky flying insects.  The squirrels are present in most backyards, often dining on expensive bird food.  Catering to their tastes directly can help divert them from the feeders and at the same time provide some year around entertainment.

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